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Email from ROQUE. July 23, 2005 about Rocket Rabbit #1
Yo Jamie-
I just finished reading Rocket Rabbit #1 this morning (it's taking me a long time to get through all my Comic con schwag) and I just wanted to let you know what a GREAT read it was. I'm super impressed, and not just because I know you and have always liked your work. It's really a tight, well thought out, well executed story.

The artwork is gorgeous. Your choices of when to wow us with your drawing ability, and when to pull back and simplify in favor of storytelling reveal a great comic artist at work. I don't know how many independent books (or mainstream books for that matter) I've read from "amazing" artists who just want to show off their draftsmanship and don't know the first thing about storytelling. And most books these days feel rushed to the finish line, which is obvious in the artwork. Usually by the last 3 or 4 pages, the inks get sloppier, backgrounds are replaced by abstract blocks, and you can literally feel the artist shoving the pages into the FedEx envelope. But you committed all the way. I never felt like I was reading an "almost-comic".

It's obvious how much you know your characters and their world through and through. Their personalities are laser clear and not once did I find myself going "wait...what?" The secondary personalities were awesome. Even the Professor's big suit held her own. The verbal wit and visual gags are brilliant. Everything just felt right. Nothing was too heavy-handed or "wah-wahhh" funny (and believe me, I'm the first one to give that kind of stuff a thumbs down). And yet you still managed to inject your own commentary on Bay Area living and gomer encounters that reminded me that it was you.

Anyway, sorry for pointing the fanboy gun in your direction. Usually I have that thing locked away under control. But I had such a good time reading your book that I wanted to make sure you knew. So if there was any doubt you had about producing comics, let that be thrown into the fire. Rocket Rabbit is here to stay...


Email from BOB. Fri, 01 Feb 2002 about Nerve Bomb #0
--Mr. Baker
Hi there. First let me say that I have just had the pleasure of reading "Nerve Bomb" issue zero which, as I'm sure you know, sells for a mere three dollars and 50 cents. My personal review: It's just what a comic should be: fun. Very good stuff. I'll get to praise and questions in a minute. Second let me say that I came in contact with your book via a friend and co-worker by the name of David Pryor. He knows what I like and suggested I take a look at your book.

Have you heard/read a comic called "SCUD the dispossable assassin?" It's out of publication now but that very book (Rob Scrab was the artist/writer) and ANYTHING Masaume Shirow does have been two of my most influencial artists/story tellers. Anyway, Nerve Bomb fits right in there and anything with robots is instantly cool.

I love character development and the characters are plentiful in your book it seems. I gotta tell you Squid Girl is probably my favorite villain and I particualarly like how she was drawn in the one panel she was in. Something about that hyper-extending leg, suction-boots, and her tentacle hair. It's all about style and she seems like a character that could be fun to develop as well as fun to draw. Aside from that, main characters do seem to change style/model from panel to panel or page to page. I love it all though it does seem inconsistent at times.

It seems all the pages were originally in color and I'm sure because of costs the book had to be printed in black and white. I'd love to see more color stuff of yours though. Mainly because you can see the texture and marker strokes in the front and back covers. I love that kinda stuff. Very graphic. Any plans to do more color?

Well, again I just want to extend my congratulations on such a fine book. Congratulations on self-publishing as well. A feat no ordinary man could conquer I imagine. Very inspirational. My cogs are turning...

Also, I'd like to purchase a copy of my very own "Nerve Bomb" issue 0 and would very much be interested in other issues available. I'd be happy to send a check in an effort to support self-publishing/independent titles. E-mail me with the details if at all possible.

As artists I think we all strive to make people think/feel communicate visually in this particualar case. A necessary component is feedback from your intended audience. I mean, who wouldn't get a kick outta a robo "nanny" attacking "San Fiasco"? I hope the above blabbering may help in some way. Good stuff, thanks, and take care.

--Bob Rissetto

Email from ET. Wed, 31 Oct 2001 about Nerve Bomb #0
It was by the merest accident that I happened to come across "Nerve bomb" at SDCC. We were strolling in the table area, desperately trying not to spend any money, when I was ambushed by the words "Rocket Rabbit and the Professor" on the back cover of your book. Figuring that this was something I couldn't possibly be interested in, I took a look. It was good. Too good. I bought the dang thing. I figured at least I would get my money's worth if I could figure out why it was called "Nerve bomb" and not Rocket Rabbit.

I still haven't figured that out, of course, but I did get my money's worth. The art was fresh and lively, and the story was a hoot. And of course the whole was greater than the parts because of the way the gags in the art and the gags in the story played together.

So now I have some questions. I haven't seen NB at the comics shop, did you soliticit through Diamond? And will you be doing additional issues? If so, please let me know. Would you be interested in selling us, say, 20 issues at the wholesale price which we could sell at our table at cons? And finally, Were you a big "Avengers" fan?

E.T. Bryan Anti-Ballistic Pixelations

Email from MIKE. Sat, 08 Sep 2001 about Nerve Bomb #0
Just a note to say Hi . I really enjoyed your comic Nerve Bomb which I got in San Diego. I don't know if we met at your table or not. Your work is really great! And so is the work on your website. I know some folks who maybe interested in getting more copies of your comic Nerve Bomb. How would they do it?

Any plans for more issues? I also might be interested in doing an interview with you in DRAW! magazine which I do for Twomorrows publishing, the Kirby Collector guys.

Mike Manley